AMHR  / ASPC   & AMHA   registered 
Our  Vision
Our Story

     To breed, raise, train and  show our own horses.  To share with  others, the beauty within a  miniature horse.
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          Tricetta miniatures is a small farm located in the Catskill mountains in upstate New York.

     Our farm name Tricetta was actually discovered and created by our youngest son Corey.  When he was just learning to talk, he could not say his sisters name Stephanie, therefore, he called her T.  Not being able to say his older brothers name Ricky, he called him Ri.

     Well, than there was Corey, C.   Etta- being taken from our last name.

     Therefore, our farm name Tricetta was born.

          We are a family oriented, working together, to produce that beautiful miniature horse with the best confirmation possible, along with a disposition to match.  Whether the horse is for the show ring, or a pet for that special someone.

          Over the years, we have carefully selected horses from the finest bloodlines around which we hope to be an asset to our breeding program.  All our horses are AMHR, AMHA  and some being  ASPC registered.

          All our horses get that individual attention needed daily.  The farm is ran daily by my husband Fred, making sure everything is running smoothly and the horses are happy, fed and content.  My son Corey will attend to the horses training needs, making sure they are ready for the very competitive show ring.  As for me, I make sure the horses are groomed and ready for the show ring.  An during the off season, tend to the long nights of foaling as well as doing whatever the two of them forget to do.

          Corey and I want to say a "SPECIAL Thank You" to our biggest supporter, Fred.  With all your patience and understanding.  For taking us to all the shows both near and far.  For watching over us with faith and always believing in us.  To keep reminding us that we "can" show and still have fun !!!

          Together, we would also like to say "thank you" to our daughter Stephanie, for watching over the horses and being the "horsey" midwife when the mares decide to foal when we aren't there.   To our grandson's Kenny, for helping feed the horsey's hay, and to lil Mason for helping imprint the foals and helping dump the mule.  To Koren,  for helping work with the horses, helping at the shows & taking the pictures.

          We love talking about our lovable miniatures, so feel free to email or call us with any questions you might have about any of our horses.

      We do have from time to time some of our outstanding horses for sale, so please feel free to inquire, you never know who might be for sale.

     Thank you for looking at our website, enjoy !

Fred, Judi, Corey & Bailey  

980 Fisher Rd.   Stamford NY  12167
  607-652-3123      fax - 607-652-1114

         607-434-4616  Judi cell
       607-287-0728  Corey cell

updated - Aug. 25,  2015
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